Private Coaching packages

Achieve your fitness goals through a personalized program tailored your goals and fitness. Let our coaches guide you with our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities!

What to bring: Athletic shoes and athletic wear.


Functional Training trains the body to perform daily activities such as lifting boxes and climbing up the stairs optimally. We use functional tools such as the TRX and kettlebells to develop your strength, flexibility and agility that. Incorporate functional fitness and live your life to the fullest!

What to bring: Athletic shoes and athletic wear.


Competing in the Octagon cage requires mental fortitude and a well-conditioned body. Take your physical fitness to a greater height and let our coaches guide you towards your peak physical performance.

What to wear: Athletic shoes and athletic wear.


You will learn the full range of Boxing’s offensive skill sets such as the uppercut and defensive movements that make you go agile on your feet. Strap the gloves, grit your teeth and train your way to be like Muhammad Ali. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"

What to bring: Athletic shoes, athletic wear, headgear, mouthpiece, protective cup, hand wraps and 14 - 16oz sparring only gloves (no bag gloves)


You will learn Thailand's ancient art of 8 limbs that utilises not just your hands and legs, but your elbows and knees included. Grab your fight shorts, clench your fist and kick your way through like Buakwaw Banchamek. "Chok Dee!"

What to bring: Bare feet, athletic wear, boxing gloves, wraps, shin pads, headgear, elbow pads, groin protection, and a mouthpiece.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has a tremendous amount of technical skills that will allow you to learn self-defence techniques alongside takedowns and submissions. Incorporating the traditional martial arts etiquette in a modern facility, suit up the GI, tighten your belt and roll along the mat. "Oss!"

What to bring: Bare feet, athletic wear and UFC GYM GI required


A dynamic fusion between Striking and Grappling, MMA utilises the best of sport-based martial art systems. Learn the optimal combinations of punching, kicking, takedowns and submissions like a UFC fighter. Grit your teeth and fight for that champion physique!

What to bring: Headgear, shin pads, mouthpiece, MMA gloves and hand wraps.


Character and personal development is important at a young age. That’s why we offer our full range of services to youths as well! Develop your child’s mental fortitude through martial arts with the guidance of our coaches.